Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist In Norcross, GA

The best way to prevent permanent damage to your teeth and gums due to a dental emergency is to seek immediate help. At Dentistry of Norcross, our qualified dentists in Norcross, GA, provide dental care on an urgent basis to address sudden and unexpected dental problems during emergencies.

If you are searching “emergency dentist near me” or “urgent dental care near me,” our team is trained to provide immediate relief and treatment for various dental emergencies, from severe toothaches to chipped or knocked-out teeth. We understand the importance of time during such situations and are happy to move our schedule to see emergency patients as quickly as possible.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies usually fall under two categories. Either they result from a long-standing oral health issue that suddenly worsens without warning causing tremendous pain, or they result from trauma. Thankfully, we can handle both types of emergencies at Dentistry of Norcross. Some of the most common emergencies we see at our Norcross, GA, dental office include-

  1. An abscessed tooth, a cavity, or an injury that causes a severe toothache.
  2. Broken or chipped tooth due to trauma, biting down on hard objects, or decay.
  3. Knocked-out tooth caused by a sports injury, a fall, or a physical altercation.
  4. Loose or lost filling due to normal wear and tear.
  5. Severe pain, swelling, and fever due to an abscess resulting from a decayed and infected tooth.
  6. Broken denture due to natural wear and tear or accidental damage.

It is essential to seek urgent dental care in Norcross, GA, during dental emergencies to prevent any more damage and ensure the best possible outcome.

What To Do During Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies can be overwhelming, scary, and painful, but it is essential to remain calm and avoid panicking. Call Dentistry of Norcross as soon as possible and explain your symptoms and the urgency of your situation.

We can often see emergency patients on the same day, and we will also be able to provide you with first-aid instructions to manage the situation until your appointment. We aim to provide quick and comfortable professional care when you need it the most.

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