Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral Cancer Screenings in Norcross, GA

A trait that everyone should look for in a dentist is compassion. At Dentistry of Norcross, we understand the gravity of what the word “cancer” can mean to our patients. Our dentists near you provide preventative oral health services, including a thorough oral cancer screening.

Having oral cancer screenings near you allows you to get checked at every dental cleaning and exam. It takes just a few minutes and can relieve any anxiety you may be having about your oral health.

The survival rate for oral cancer is around 90%, but that doesn’t stop our dentists in Norcross, GA, from encouraging each of our patients to get a screening as a proactive step for their overall health.

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

Having an oral cancer screening doesn’t require its own appointment. You can get a screening at your regular cleanings and exams. When booking your appointment, you have to note that you’d like the additional service. We can do it on the spot if you forget to mention it prior to your appointment.

This service only takes a few minutes and is completely painless. During the screening, our dentist will look around your mouth for calluses on your lips, lumps, tender spots, and swelling. They’ll also look for red or white patches on your gums, the back of the throat, and under the tongue.

As an extra precaution, dentists at the Dentistry of Norcross will feel around to ensure no unnatural bumps. If we find anything concerning, our specialist will meet with you for further evaluation.

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Dentistry of Norcross believes it’s critical to be aware of the signs and symptoms of any health condition.

  1. Trouble chewing or swallowing
  2. Sores in your mouth that won’t go away
  3. Stiffness in your jaw
  4. Chronic sore throat
  5. Changes in your voice
  6. A chronic feeling of something stuck in your throat
  7. A lump or bump on your jaw or throat

If you’ve had any of the above symptoms, call us today to schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening.

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